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❤ Hi guys!! I’m really excited to go see the new movie; Gnomeo & Juliet this weekend! I’ll let you know how it is. From the previews it looks super cute. I decided to create a gnome version of myself. Miss gnomette; my gnalter-ego!



kawaii nails

I discovered this little gem in montreal and wanted to share some of their work with you. I haven’t been there yet but it’s just a matter of time until i try some of those Harajuku or kawaii nails. The place is called: CANDY NAIL BAR it’s on St-Hubert in Montreal. Check it out. They even offer private mani parties for a group of friends at a discount price. Very tempting!!!!!! (LOVE THEIR LOGO)

Here’s the FACEBOOK page link.

This is what the place looks like. so pretty!

and some of their work. AMAZING!
(all credits for these pictures go to the website, I hijacked them from there!)

Kawaii maze

Just a little kawaii maze i created for kids..
Have fun!

kawaii sailor lolita

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Illustration friday: SPOOKY

Theme of the week: SPOOKY!
Please share your spooky themed illustrations here!

black fondant

For those who don’t know me yet. I LOVE FONDANT CAKES!!!
Ever since i got married last year (already!?) and researching cool cakes.
I started having this obsession over cakes with fondant icing.

This blog page pays hommage to BLACK FONDANT. There are so many creative chefs out there making kick-ass cakes with black fondant.. i’m hungry!!


If you’re a twitter user, you’ve seen this message more than once i’m sure:

Check out the cake version! awesome! 🙂

another one:

oh and some tatts..