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DIE ANTWOORD – verrrry fancy

Taken from their website:
There are two kinds of people in the world, those who know about DIE ANTWOORD, and those who are about to find out.

For those who don’t know yet DIE ANTWOORD are a futuristic rap-rave crew from South Africa who represent a fresh new style called ZEF.
Yolandi = ♥
NINJA = ♥ ♥ ♥

DIE ANTWOORD crew is made up of zef rap master NINJA, fre$ futuristik rich bitch ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER and the mysterious beat monster DJ HI-TEK.



Where have you guys been all my life? Seriously…
Their Super-Fancy-Next-Level-Shit is DOPE…

When i first heard of them, i thought: man these people are hilarious. The more i searched about them over the interweb and discovered Waddy Tudor Jones‘ other projects such as MAXNORMAL.TV, The Constructus Corporation, etc etc I fell in love with everything he does. This guy is G.E.N.I.U.S and seriously talented and his side-kick Yo-landi Vi$$er is the hottest chick i’ve ever seen and her flow is crazy. Super talented… I’m in love…. And obsessed. DIE ANTWOORD!!!! FOK MAINSTEAM and UPPER CLASS!

A few pics i found online… please share some if you have any!



Illustration friday: SPOOKY

Theme of the week: SPOOKY!
Please share your spooky themed illustrations here!

black fondant

For those who don’t know me yet. I LOVE FONDANT CAKES!!!
Ever since i got married last year (already!?) and researching cool cakes.
I started having this obsession over cakes with fondant icing.

This blog page pays hommage to BLACK FONDANT. There are so many creative chefs out there making kick-ass cakes with black fondant.. i’m hungry!!


If you’re a twitter user, you’ve seen this message more than once i’m sure:

Check out the cake version! awesome! 🙂

another one:

oh and some tatts..

Illustration friday DESSERTS

One of my favorite topics, (second submission) : DESSERTS!

HelloKitty Doc Martens

whu whu what? HK DOC MATERNS?  too cute!
I used to be the girl with at least 4-5 pairs of docs in high school. I loved them. But there was nothing cute like this!! ADORABLE!!

illustrationfriday: DESSERTS

One of my favorite topics!!!  DESSERTS!