Like a cute vanilla cupcake filled with pure rainbow joy,
the cute institute fills you with happy wool in the form
of eye-hugging vectors and design work that will charge
your happy-battery for a long, long time. This collection
of cute characters will surely make you smile and bring
back the inner child in you.

Designer / Illustrator / Entrepreneur / Kawaii Guru
Tesha is a Montreal, Canada based creative graphic designer, illustrator and “cute” specialist. With a formal education in graphic design, a strong passion for illustration and a wide range of interests and disciplines, Tesha specializes in kawaii digital vector art design and illustration. She is currently working full-time as a graphic designer, while continuing to pursue her freelance career through her website.

As a self-taught and self-directed vector designer, Tesha creates cute, bright, clean, colorful vector kawaii art designs and illustrations. Her work has been widely exposed online through various artistic platforms and viewed all around the world.Her fan base has grown over the past 5 years, and her regular interaction with fans continues to inspire her. Tesha is passionate about the latest drawing and design topics and trends, and her careful observation of these helps to keep her designs current.

Always available for commissions and licensing! Feel free to contact me.


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