MAC – quite cute: too cute!

I received this ad from a friend at work for the new MAC makeup collection: QUITE CUTE. A soft pastel spring collection of kawaii inspired colors and shades for lips, eyes & nails. Every girl’s dream has come true!
If you search online, you can barely find anything about it yet since it’ll be launched this April. I just can’t wait to get my hands on somer products and give them a try.  Take a look at the artwork. So kawaii ! I lovvve it!!!

As a graphic designer, seeing work like this makes me very happy and gives me hope that maybe one day, all these mega big companies will give artists like us a chance to shine. Allthought I’m really not crazy about the font used, in my opinion it’s not very kawaii or readable for that matter, they should of used a bubbly sweet font to complement the cute characters…

Voici des characters on the ads: kawaiii bats, squid, panda bear etc… ADORABLE! 🙂 I like.

sorry for the low resolution images, I had to scan this ad.
FYI I found some info on this blog HERE..  If you’re wondering where my sources come from..

here are more pictures of the products:

price list:
Lipstick $14.50 USD / $17.50 CDN
Playing Koi – Creamy white peach pink (Satin)
Saint Germain – Pastel pink (Amplified)
Candy Yum-Yum – Neon pink (Matte)
Quite Cute – Bright whitened lavender (Cremesheen)
Play Time – Intense violet (Cremesheen)

Plushglass $18.50 USD / $22.00 CDN
Fashion Fanatic – Creamy pale pink
Bubble Tea – Creamy pale nude
Girl ♥ Boy – Bright light blue pink
I ♥ U – Creamy mid-tone purple

Lip Pencil $13.00 USD / $15.50 CDN
In Synch – Bright yellow pink
Naked Liner – Light neutral
Boldly Bare – Mid-tone red brown

Eye shadow Quad CUTiE $36.00 USD / $43.00 CDN
Moshi! Moshi! – Pale white green gold (Frost)
Goody Goody Gum Drop – Light white pink (Satin)
Boycrazy – Pale lavender with silver pearlized pigments (Lustre)
Azuki Bean – Mid-tone violet (Frost)

Mineralize Blush US.$23.00 / CDN $27.50
Giggly – Light pink with a pearly plum heart (Frost)
Sakura – Lavender with pearly deep magenta heart (Frost)
Miss Behave – Light beige with a pearly mint green heart (Frost)

Nail Lacquer US $14.00/ CDN $17.00
Ice Cream Cake – Creamy blue pink (Cream)
Little Girl Type – Creamy pale lavender (Cream)
Mischievous – Creamy pale blue mint (Cream)

Penultimate Eye Liner $17.50 USD / $21.00 CDN
Rapidblack – True Black

Zoom Lash $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
Zoomblack – Rich black

Loud Lash [Asia Only] $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
Noisy Black – Black

False Lashes $14.00 USD / $17.00 CDN
7 Lash – Spikey, slightly seperated, high glam lash


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